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17 things you'll see in the outback


A game of ‘I Spy’ for Outback Travellers.

1. Red dirt

Red dirt

The iconic image of the Outback is red earth.

2. Dry creek beds

Dry creek beds

Lined with gum trees and a hotspot for birdlife, many outback creeks flow only during flash floods.

3. The Milky Way

The Milky Way

Even when camping, billion star accommodation is guaranteed.

4. Outback pubs

Outback pubs

There’s always time for a cold one with the locals at the Outback’s iconic watering holes.

5. Characters

Aussie characters

They breed ‘em tough in the Outback, but don’t be fooled – people in the bush are as friendly as they come.

6. Huge skies

Huge skies

With little to interrupt the horizon, in some places you can even see the curvature of the earth.

7. Working dogs

Working dogs

Born and bred for this terrain, these tireless Outback workers are a farmer’s best friend.

8. Livestock


Many roads are unfenced, so always look out for livestock, especially at dawn and dusk and particularly during dry times. Runoff from the road means the greenest vegetation is often at the roadside, attracting animals to the danger zone.

9. Road trains

Road trains

Like a semi-trailer on steroids, these behemoths are the lifeblood of the Outback. Always give them plenty of space when overtaking, and be particularly careful if towing a caravan.

10. Australian native birds

Australian native birds

From flocks of tiny budgies to soaring pairs of wedge-tailed eagles, the Outback is abundant in birdlife.

11. Gorges and escarpments


It isn’t all flat terrain in the Outback, there are ancient escarpments and spectacular gorges to climb and explore.

12. Wildflowers


The understated beauty of Australia’s wildflowers is a thing to behold. At the right time of year and after rain, the Outback can be carpeted in them.

13. Wildlife


From sunbaking reptiles to man-sized kangaroos, you’ll encounter our iconic Australian wildlife in the Outback.

14. Mustering


As you drive through the Outback you’re most likely passing through sheep and cattle stations. If you’re lucky, you might encounter farmers at work mustering stock.

15. Shearing sheds and shearers’ quarters

Shearers' quarters

Where hard yakka happens by day and hard-earned thirsts are quenched by night.

16. Old cars

Old cars

Call them roadside sculptures if you like, but the ghosts of vehicles who didn’t quite make it are scattered throughout the Outback.

17. Dirt roads

Dirt roads

Many main arteries are dirt in the Outback, so ensure your vehicle is up to the task and always check road conditions before setting off.

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