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2017 Minerama Fossicking, Gem and Jewellery Show


Search for buried treasure and precious stones at NSW’s largest annual gem and jewellery festival.

Held in the heart of NSW’s Celtic Country, the Minerama Fossicking, Gem and Jewellery Show is a family-friendly event that attracts rockhounds, jewellery lovers, dealers and fossicking fanatics from all across Australia.

For three days from March 10, the New England town of Glen Innes becomes a hive of activity – with over 100 stalls trading in gemstones, crystals, fossils, mineral specimens, fine jewellery, lapidary tools, arts, crafts and more. Other festival highlights include gem cutting and beading displays, and advice from gemmologists, dealers, lapidaries and jewellers.

Minerama Fossicking, Gem and Jewellery Show

With such a varying array of exhibits to peruse through, you're guaranteed to find something that catches your eye, be it a unique piece of jewellery or a gemstone of world-class quality.

Minerama also offers a 3-day guided fossicking field trip – perfect for beginners right through to seasoned gem hunters. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore Glen Innes Highlands and its picturesque surrounds, pick up a few fossicking tips, or even strike it rich with a valuable find of your own!

Minerama Fossicking, Gem and Jewellery Show

Glen Innes is also conveniently located along Fossickers Way – a fabulous touring route that traverses quaint country towns, vast, open plains and a range of fossicking sites. 

You’ll never forget the excitement of your first stone, so why not head to Glen Innes this March and get involved in the Minerama activities and celebrations – who knows what fortune awaits you?

Minerama Fossicking, Gem and Jewellery Show

For further information and bookings, head to the official Minerama site.

To find out more about Fossickers Way, download the Visitor Guide.

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