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5 NSW Trips for Off-Road Beginners


If you love adventure, 4WDing can seriously be the ultimate thrill.

The hardest part is finding tracks that offer a heck of a lot of fun without throwing you completely in the deep end. With that in mind, here’s our pick of the best 4WD weekends and adventures for off-road beginners. 

1. Baal Bone Trail, Gardens of Stone National Park

Gardens of Stone National Park

Take the day off and explore the crème of the crop; World Heritage Listed Gardens of Stone NP. You’ll need to conquer some challenging little sections as you climb your way to the top of the cliffs, but with views of the Capertee Valley, trust us the reward is worth it.

The stone covered tracks create a bumpy ride up top before you start the descent deep into the bowels of the valley. Trust us, you’ll have white knuckles and brown pants when you see some of the challenges on the way down, and be prepared for one heck of an adventure if you tackle it after heavy rain.

Oh, and while you’re in the area make sure you check out the Lost City too, it’s dead-set incredible.

2. Bylong Creek 4X4 Park

Bylong Creek 4X4 Park

There’s simply no place better to get your off-road fix then Bylong Creek 4X4 Park.

Land Owner, Bruce, has cut tracks that range from mild to wild, which cater for all different skill levels. Tackling the river run is sure to put a smile on your dial and if you like hill climbs, then you’re in luck; you’ll see nothing but blue sky on these bad boys!

Oh, and the camp grounds are large, flat and perfect for the next family adventure!  

3. Owen State Forest

Owen State Forest

If you’re after an abundance of challenging 4WD tracks, you just can’t look past Owen State Forest, which is the next door neighbour to the popular Watagan Mountain.

While there are some great first-timer tracks in the area, be warned; there are some tracks that will rock your socks off if you’re not careful. Best travelled with two or more vehicles (just in case) this is the kind of place that creates life-long stories of epic off-road adventures. 

4. Yalwal State Forest

Yalwal State Forest

To test out your rig and your skills, this is the ultimate off-road playground. It’s not all tough as guts stuff around here, there are plenty of mild tracks that will ease you into the low range side of things.

The Powerlines track is to warm up on, then step it up a notch, and have a crack at the infamous Monkey Gum Trail or Six Stage, which will really put you to the test.

5. Blacksmiths Beach

Blacksmiths Beach

Last but not least, lets hit the sand! Yep, just two hours north of Sydney this is one place that can be a heap of fun.

Now the sand is pretty soft here, so drop your tyre pressures nice and low and keep plenty of momentums. Once you’ve got the hang of things, it’s time to have a crack at a few of those sand dunes too!

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