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5 Unforgettable Experiences in Karijini National Park


Hidden away in the Pilbara region of Western Australia is Karijini National Park, a remote park home to pristine scenery and an array of incredible experiences that you're unlikely to ever forget.

1. Explore ancient landscapes

Explore ancient landscapes

With rocks up to two billion years old, this is one of the most ancient landscapes on the planet. Created over eons by the lifting and folding of an ancient sea bed, water has subsequently found its way through the cracked and shattered rock to carve the amazing gorges visible today. Completing the beautiful Karijini landscape are the snappy gums with their ghostly white trunks and branches.

2. Swim in hidden gorges

Swim in hidden gorges

Some of the gorges are quite broad, like Kalamina and Dales, while others, like Weano and Hancock, are so narrow in places you can touch both sides at once. The walks into the gorges are strenuous but can be undertaken by anyone of average fitness who knows their limitations. Walkers need to negotiate both jumbled broken rock as well as rocks polished smooth by the action of water. It’s worth it when you reach tranquil pools like Kermit Pool at the end of Hancock Gorge.

3. 4WD to the top of Mt Nameless

4WD to the top of Mt Nameless

Overlooking the Rio Tinto town of Tom Price is Mt Nameless, which at 1120m is the highest mountain summit accessible by vehicle in WA. The track to the top is very rough and steep and suitable for 4WD vehicles only. The 360-degree views from the top are spectacular at sunset and sunrise.

4. Visit the Millstream wetlands

Visit the Millstream wetlands

Discover a true oasis in this otherwise dry landscape. Water from an underground aquifer naturally comes to the surface here to create the Millstream wetlands, home to a range of plants, birds and insects, many of which would normally be seen in a more tropical setting.

5. Drive Snappy Gum Circuit

Drive Snappy Gum Circuit

Another attraction of the park is the scenic circuit road, Snappy Gum Drive. While snappy gums inhabit the entire Pilbara, in parts of the park they seem to grow to the exclusion of just about everything else. Enchanting and almost magical in the way their snow-white trunks and branches stand out against the dark red, at times almost black, Pilbara rock - it makes for a magical drive.

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