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5 family-friendly games for happy camping


Keep the kids and, therefore, the adults happy and entertained with these DIY campsite games.



Who can resist a good rope swing? The first tip is to tie plenty of knots along the rope so it’s nice and easy to hang on as you glide through the air.

But to go one step further, you can add a bit of solid wood for a nice and sturdy grab handle – use a slip-knot so as it tightens up as you put your weight on it. Another idea is to add a platform to stand on as you swing.

Once again, make sure it’s nice and stable, and capable of taking your weight, slide the rope through a hole in centre of it and tie a nice big, strong knot so it can’t come off. 



Possibly the handiest bit of kit to carry in your offroad arsenal. They might save your bacon if you come to strife on the road but they also come in handy when you stumble across a beaut spot by the river.

You’ll need an air compressor to inflate them with air, and carry a valve remover tool for quick and easy deflation. If you’ve got a few tubes handy and a bit of a light rapid section of water, a cool idea is to link the tubes together and creating a floating train effect!

While you’re at it, get the kids to split into teams and have each train-team paddle it out in the ultimate riverside race!



Now this one can be fun for everyone – the kids can build rafts, and the adults can gamble, responsibly!

All you need is a bit of moving water and plenty of imagination to create the ultimate toy boat race! The best part is you can pretty much turn anything that floats into a lean, mean, racing machine! An old thong, a few bits of wood (old paddle pop sticks work great), kitchen sponges, bottles and cans – you name it!

You can make things super interesting by adding a slide in entry ramp using a few lengths of PVC pipe too.



Bring two buckets and a sponge and you can keep the kids occupied for hours!

The idea is simple. Quarter fill one bucket of water up and let the kids battle it out as they rush to transfer the water to the other bucket using only the sponge provided. The winner goes on to defend his prestigious winner’s crown! Make the stakes high enough and you’ll find kids practicing on their own against the clock!



Grab yourself a length of fairly wide diameter PVC pipe, cover one end with a waterproof clear seal like cling wrap or plastic and watch the kids enjoy premium underwater viewing for hours and hours on end.

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