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5 tips for flying with kids


Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds said recently that he’d rather drink liquid rabies than travel on a plane with his children.

He was wrong of course (it can be worse than that), but here are a few ways for everyone to keep their sanity and actually enjoy the flying experience.


Flying with kids - Entertainment

Depending on the airline and even the actual plane you are travelling on, entertainment can come in a number of different ways.

Some have TV screens on every seat, some have straps to hang a tablet from. The result of having multiple episodes of Peppa pig, Paw Patrol, Octonauts or Fireman Sam on offer could just about save your life though.

Sticker Books

As great as the TV or tablet can be they will get bored of it eventually, so having multiple activities for them to do is a must.

Sticker books are relatively light-weight and cheap, and can use up valuable minutes on the plane.


Flying with kids - Food

Some airlines such as Qantas allow you to preselect a kid’s meal for free, which will be delivered before anyone else.

While this can be great, it can also be a bit hit and miss as to whether it will be something they'll like. Take a selection of food options you know they enjoy and a ‘hangry’ child should be one less thing to worry about.


Another easy and lightweight option is to pack a number of crayons in a zip lock bag and some plain paper or a drawing book from Big W, Target or Kmart so they can scribble away to their heart’s content.


Flying with kids - Headphones

Rather than using the provided headphones, a pair of comfortable headphones can make all the difference to your child’s enjoyment when watching the TV or tablet.

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