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7 Reasons to go on a Fossicking Holiday


Treasure hunts aren’t just for kids.

Fossicking might seem like a foreign or even antiquated concept to some, but there’s a healthy cohort of travellers for whom searching for treasure is the ideal family holiday. Here’s why.

1. Beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery

The richest fossicking areas in NSW are also some of the prettiest parts of the state. Fossicking sites are generally located at water sources, near creeks, streams and rivers and often in pristine wilderness environments.

2. Keeps the kids busy

Keep the kids busy

While mum and dad’s idea of a holiday might be camping by a creek and relaxing with a good book and intermittent tea breaks, the kids probably don’t agree. Fossicking keeps them busy while mum and dad are free to either join in or relax.

3. Affordable holiday

Affordable holiday

A fossicking holiday won’t break the budget. Travel by car and then camp or find cheap local accommodation in the small country towns that service fossicking areas. In many cases, you can also rent gear if you don’t want to buy your own.

A fossicking holiday is probably one of the affordable family holidays you can embark upon and, if you’re lucky, you might just make back your outlay in your findings!

4. Find something of value

Valuable gemstones

Fossicking is mostly a game of luck and if yours is good you might just find something of value to either sell or have made into a sentimental piece of bespoke jewellery.

We’ve even heard of engaged couples who’ve fossicked the materials for their own wedding bands. And who knows, you might even find your fortune!

5. Get off your screens and into the great outdoors

Discover the great outdoors

In this modern world of technology our children have more screen time than ever before and dragging them away from their devices can be a challenge.

Fossicking is great way to engage kids in the natural world and giving them an activity that doesn’t involve a screen. And once they find their first hint of colour, they’ll be hooked.

6. Great geology and history lesson

Geology and history lesson

Do you know how many millions of years it takes to make a sapphire, or why it is that gold is so often found in creeks? And did you know that Chinese mine shafts were round rather than square, so spirits couldn’t hide in the corners?

If not, you will by the time you get home from your fossicking holiday. They say the best way to learn is to do, so help your kids’ education and take them fossicking.

7. Quality family time

Quality family time

Fossicking is something everyone can enjoy, from young children to older retirees. Enjoy time together as a family while you search for natural wonders.

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