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Town Bio



At the midpoint between Sydney and Brisbane sits the historic town of Armidale. A place of rugged beauty and palpable heritage, the town is today a relentless hive of activity and ambition, and the cultural centre of the New England region. It is a town that is at once a step back in time and a hub of modernity, and its potential is ready to be unleashed.

With its proximity to four extraordinary and unique National Parks, Armidale is a natural wonderland. Spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking gorges and an abundance of fascinating wildlife are all within easy reach of the town centre, while the fresh country air and open skies offer a stark contrast to the congestion of the big cities.

The town’s tree-lined streets are dotted with stately buildings, grand cathedrals, and captivating galleries and museums. This burgeoning arts and cultural scene is complimented by Armidale’s rapidly growing wine industry, which is set to rival the country’s best with its impressive selection of award winning drops.

The accommodation options are as varied as can be, offering everything from a campsite beneath a waterfall to the epitome of indulgence at a gorgeous historic homestead. With an array of motels, country cottages, farmstays, bed and breakfasts and tourist parks, there is truly something for every style and budget. The town’s many cafes are all churning out robust espresso, while Armidale’s restaurants and eateries provide everything from gastronomical pub meals, to fine French cuisine, through to classic high tea. There is nothing you could want that you couldn’t find in Armidale, so start your New England adventure today.

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