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Bingara Soundtrail


Bingara Soundtrail

Bingara is located in the north-west region of New South Wales, on the Gwydir River. Well-known for its surrounding mountains and plentiful farming lands, Bingara is also a township with a long, prosperous history.

Originally named ‘Bingara’ by the Kamilaroi people, which means ‘shallow crossing’; Bingara is a town that has had to fight and persevere through extreme droughts, fluctuating cattle prices and a series of devastating wars. The end result though, is a welcoming and warm community that has a strong interest in continuing to cultivate their thriving arts, theatre and cultural scene; and a boldness to see their town further grow and develop - just ask anyone who's caught a show at the Roxy Theatre or visited during the annual Orange Festival!

This Soundtrail, created with research, support and general goodwill from the Bingara people offers an insight into the lives of some of its much-loved citizens. Stories from the owners of the local Greek café, quips from the kids who play down by the river, even tales from some of the town’s incredible veterans are included, making this Soundtrails an experience to thrill and delight everyone. 


All Things Weddings Russell Reading. Original music by Rick Hutton. Thanks to Bingara Historic Society for use of the book. Ashtons Circus Pat Brown, Rick & July Wooley. Bateman House Fire Susanne Hughes. Archival footage: Len Payne and Bill Velokous. Bateman Journal Pat Tattum, Terry Tattum, Joe Bateman, Hamish Sewell & Carmen Southwell. Original composition by Rob Davidson, Topology. Brian Hughes Brian Hughes. Music: Bombs Away by Saharah Beck in The Soldiers Wife. Charlie’s Bones Bob Kirk. Song and music by Rick Hutton. Comfort Fund Jean O'Brien and Joan Bull. Granny Was A Swimmer Poem by Don Whiteman, reading by Steve Weis. Music by Mal Webb. Seeing off her Brother Joan Bull.War Letter Historical Society, Jane Connolly, Carmen Southwell, Jean Robinson. Original composition by Rob Davidson, Topology. War Letters Found on Way to School Jean O'Brien. Lockup Bob Kirk. Original Composition by Saul Standerwick. Navy Tunics Jean O'Brien. Orange Police Alan Mitchell, Nicole Galvin and the students of Bingara Central School. Orange Tree History ‘Oranges Everywhere’ by Rick Hutton and performed by the students of Bingara Central School. Bugle by Sam Kennedy. Alan Mitchell, Nicole Galvin, Kristy Johnson, Kathy Groth, and the students of Bingara Central School. Pat Brown Pat Brown. Roxy Theatre Peter Prineas. Reading by Rick Hutton. Walter Wearne John Wearne. Hidden Soundfields: Tell Her I'm OK Poem found in Bateman Journal. Music created and performed by Jamie Wilson. Gwydir River Blues John Bancroft and band and students from Bingara Central School. Charlie’s Bones Original music by Rick Hutton. Soundfield on Finch Street Rob Davidson, Topology.


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