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National Park

Bladensburg National Park, Qld


Relatively unknown, Bladensburg National Park is easily accessed via the outback town of Winton.

Head to the original Bladensburg Homestead and learn about the family who ran the sheep station in this rugged neck of the woods.

The old homestead is also the starting point for the 40km return Scrammy Drive which will take you through seemingly never-ending grasslands before reaching Scrammy Gorge and Scrammy Lookout where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the stunning Channel Country.

This park is considered remote so you need to be completely self-sufficient and prepared for emergencies. The dirt roads can quickly become impassable so always check the weather forecast before exploring Bladensburg NP. 

Bladensburg NP is 12km from Winton.    

Bush camping is available at Bough Shed Hole camping area where facilities are limited to pit toilets and camping fees apply ($6.15 per person per night or $24.60 per family per night). A camping permit must be obtained prior to arrival.

Info: Visit or phone 13 74 68.

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