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Town Bio



The town of Boggabri boasts a long and fascinating history, one which stretches back to before the town was even settled. In the early 1800s, the area was home to the notorious English criminal George ‘the Barber’ Clarke, who was a convicted armed robber sentenced to farm work near Singleton in 1825. Upon escaping, Clarke painted his face darkly, took two Aboriginal wives and wandered the north-west stealing cattle before he was caught and hanged in 1831. The sites that are today known as Barbers Lagoon and Barbers Pinnacle – both eat of Boggabri – were frequented by the convict.

Since being proclaimed a town in 1860, Boggabri’s central business area has been located in three different streets, which has resulted in an interesting mix of architecture that can be explored along the Boggabri Heritage Trail.

While the town today offers much in the way of attractions, including the annual Drovers Campfire event, an absolute must-see while in this pocket of NSW is Dripping Rock. This beautiful waterfall is set within a lush melaleuca forest, where a semi-circular cliff towers over a small rock pool. Be sure to include a visit to this natural wonder in your visit to Boggabri.

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