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Town Bio



Brimming with pastoral history and cultural significance, Boorowa embodies the true essence of the Australian countryside with its perfect marriage of expansive farmland and built-up communities. Set on the banks of the Boorowa River amongst lush tablelands, this lively town is a picture of natural beauty, with four distinct seasons, a humming landscape, and an abundance of fresh country air.

Boorowa may have been built on the back of farming sheep and cattle, but it was shaped by the influx of Irish immigrants in the 1820s. This colourful and erratic heritage is the cornerstone of the town, and the influence of the past can be seen scattered throughout the streets, from the stunning heritage buildings to the boutiques selling some of Australia’s highest-quality Merino wool. The historical heartbeat of the town can perhaps best be felt at the Irish Wool Fest, an annual celebration of Boorowa’s rich and unique cultural roots.

Accommodation options range from caravan parks and motels through to charming, old-school bed-and-breakfasts. There’s no shortage of quality eateries either; visitors are spoilt for choice with the amount of good coffee, pub meals and Devonshire tea on offer. Couple this with the number of superb wineries right on Boorowa’s doorstep, and there is so much more to this historically significant country town than meets the eye.

Situated only a short drive from both Canberra and Sydney, Boorowa makes for an exceptional country escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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