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Town Bio



The biggest and most sophisticated town in the Southern Highlands region of NSW, Bowral is a fascinating example of heritage and modernity existing in perfect harmony. Nestled in a valley at the foot of Mount Gibraltar, Bowral possesses both a beautiful townscape and a picturesque countryside, with unique gardens and exotic trees scattered throughout the region. While only an hours’ drive from Sydney, Bowral feels worlds apart thanks to its relaxed vibe and stress-free aura. Experience it for yourself today.

The streets of Bowral are dotted with antiquity and charm, with historic buildings, 19th century cottages and grand country houses all intermingling with effortless appeal. Explore an exciting mix of boutique shops, bookstores, and antique and craft shops, and be sure to visit the regular country markets and events held in town.

Those wishing to venture into the outdoors will enjoy exploring Mount Gibraltar, a collapsed volcanic core dating back millions of years. Mount Gibraltar Reserve offers a variety of bushwalking paths, picnic area, and lookout points, all very family friendly and blessed with beautiful scenery.

Bowral’s eclectic blend of restaurants, cafes and eateries offer fine food, quality coffee and a pleasant atmosphere, while a number of wineries await just a short drive from town. Accommodation options include a number of hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, houses and a resort, allowing something for everyone. There’s just so much to experience in this Highlands hub, and with its pleasant weather and welcoming locals, it’s well worth a visit at any time of year.

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