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Situated on the southern banks of the Darling River is one of Outback New South Wales’ most culturally rich towns, Brewarrina.  Derived from the historical meaning, “a native standing place”, the small town of 1200 people is a relaxed and rustic tourist destination in the stunning country between Lightning Ridge and Bourke.

Brewarrina’s strong connection with its Aboriginal ancestors dates back over 40,000 years, with the land on which the town sits historically being the site of great inter-tribal meetings in eastern Australia.  These days,  around 68 per cent of its residents identify themselves as indigenous Australians, and visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in this rich Aboriginal culture by learning about the Dreamtime and contemporary indigenous history.

Brewarrina is also home to a vast array of breathtaking natural attractions, including the National Heritage listed Brewarrina Fish Traps, Culgoa National Park and the Barwon/Darling River. For those looking to enjoy a spot of fishing or boating, the Brewarrina Weir is the perfect location. The 168m wide body of water provides great access to the growing number of activities along the river, and people can catch cod, yellow-belly, catfish and bream during most of the year.

Whether you are planning on a short stop-over or an extended stay, Brewarrina offers a selection of accommodation options ranging from caravan and camping grounds to bed and breakfast and hotels, ensuring the ideal holiday experience no matter your taste or budget. Dotted around the town are some delightful cafes and restaurants, with very varied dining options sure to appease even the fussiest of traveller.

Brewarrina is a charming town in the heart of the rugged NSW Outback, and it’s one which is sure to have you transfixed with its profound culture and history.

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