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Ask a Local

Bruce's Top 5


We ‘Take 5’ with Bruce Barnes – a farmer at Nelleona Border Leicester Stud just outside of Hay.

What is Hay’s best kept secret?

The mighty Murrumbidgee River! It is gold for us; my whole family comes waterskiing and swimming here all the time. You can also fish in it. Having this much water anywhere in the outback is always going to be special.

What is your favourite thing about living in Hay?

Definitely the lifestyle: it is a great place for kids to grow up, because everyone is always outside. Whether we are fishing or camping or riding motorbikes everyone is always welcome to join in or just come over to have a chat.

What activities are your favourite around town?

All the sporting clubs: we have tennis, squash, lawn bowls, golf and swimming in town. My kids play football and netball in winter, but we always do a lot of driving for that, because we really are very isolated here.

How does the community respond to that isolation?

People in Hay take every opportunity to socialise - everyone always wants to talk and share a tea or coffee. The locals all know each other and we are always interested in meeting the travellers that come through.

Where is the best place for travellers to meet the locals?

Anywhere really, you don’t have to go to the pub on a Friday night to meet people. Wherever you are if you see someone then the chances are that they are interested in having a chat – we are nice and friendly in Hay.

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