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Town Bio



Cobar is an outback town situated on the crossroads of the Kidman Way and the Barrier Highway. The town and district of Cobar Shire is steeped in mining and pastoral history, and the town's streets dotted with both old and modern buildings that chronicle Cobar's transformation over the past 146 years.

Mining has always been associated with Cobar and at one time, the Great Cobar Copper Mining Co. had one of the world's largest copper mining and processing operations. Evidence of past mining is seen at the Great Cobar Open Cut. 

South of Cobar, along the Kidman way, visitors can see the site of the Peak Gold Mines, which were closed in the late 1950's but then re-opened in the 1990's using new mining techniques. A viewing platform at the Peak gives a good view of a modern day mine. The operating New Cobar Open Cut Mine is also very impressive to say the least, and can be observed from the Fort Bourke Hill lookout.

The Great Cobar Heritage Centre, located in the former administration building of the Great Cobar Copper Mine, is a must see when visiting Cobar. The centre captures the essence of the town, and houses an outstanding collection of exhibits that date from the early 1870s to the present day. Through the exhibits the rich history inherent in everyday life of Cobar pioneers and the culture of ‘making do’ become apparent.

Exploring Cobar can be done on foot by following the Heritage Walk, which takes in the major points of interest. Additionally, for those who wish to get up close to old mining machinery, the Miner's Heritage Park offers not only a glimpse of old industrial machinery but also offers some interesting photographic opportunities.

The surrounding landscape is both surprising and impressive, incorporating wooded, undulating country, with rugged hills and dry water courses. The Cobar area abounds with wildlife which includes kangaroos, emus, echidnas, giant goannas and 200 species birds, including the magnificent pink cockatoo and the spectacular wedge-tailed eagle. The opportunity also exists to observe some well preserved Aboriginal rock art detailing the heritage of the Ngiyampaa people by visiting the Mt Grenfell Historic Site, located 60km west of Cobar.

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