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Corner Country - Exploring Cameron Corner


Experience the big skies of our massive country as we go on an epic NSW outback adventure.

If you want to experience the most remote parts of the outback in New South Wales and, at the same time, be in one of the busiest of the lot, then you’d better be planning a trip to Corner Country or, in particular, Cameron Corner.

Cameron Corner

This little beauty is merely a dot on the map, but it’s one of those adventures you need to tackle purely for bragging rights. What’s so special about this particular dot on the map? Well, interestingly, it’s the point where three states boundaries meet. Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales all rally here and there is a big post there to prove it.



Milparinka should be a part of everybody’s Corner Country touring route. It was once the centre of a historic mining district but, these days, it’s a living heritage site smack bang in the middle of a desert setting. Once again, the pub, or the Albert Hotel as it’s known, was the first stop. This place has carved itself a pretty darn good reputation out this way.

Cameron Corner

The Milparinka Heritage Precinct just next door will take you by complete surprise, too. It incorporates a collection of colonial buildings with a museum and a gallery-like atmosphere. There’s a fair bit of history to sift through at the adjacent court house, whilst the adjoining cells provide an insight into the region’s remarkable mining and pastoral heritage along with some fascinating general history of the area.



As far as outback NSW towns are concerned, Tibooburra is like the Holy Grail in many ways. It’s named after the ancient granite tors that surround the village. In fact, the Tibooburra regions goldfields were originally known as ‘The Granites’ and formed part of the Albert Goldfields.

The town is basically on the edge of Sturt National Park (NP), which is a major drawcard for the region. It’s roughly 344,000ha in total making it one of the largest nature conservation reserves of its kind, so you can bet there’s plenty to see and do in there.

Sturt National Park

Make sure you stop in and take the Granite Walking Trail. It’s a 3-4km loop that all but guarantees you’ll see kangaroos, lizards and wildflowers. But the real attraction on this walk is the fascinating formations of massive granite boulders. They’re the unmistakable evidence of an ancient volcano which tried to erupt thousands of years ago.


In order to tick a Corner Country trip off the bucket list, you’ve just got to grab a photo at the Cameron Corner post. Mr John Brewer Cameron from the New South Wales Lands Department did a two-year stint from 1880-82 to mark the border between New South Wales and Queensland. He’s the man who erected the post there in September 1880 to mark where the border intersected with South Australia.

The Corner Country Store

Apart from the post, there’s not much else to actually see, except for the local corner store and the ability to cross three borders in a matter of minutes. But here’s a fun fact for you; the store reportedly has a Queensland liquor licence, a New South Wales postal code and a South Australian telephone number!

Cameron Corner

A trip to outback New South Wales should be on everyone’s to-do list. And it’s true what they say; you haven’t seen the heart of the outback New South Wales until you’ve spent a few nights under the stars of the Corner Country. 

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