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Country Art Escapes


Experience the wonderfully diverse arts and culture scene in New England and the North West.

Launched in June 2012, Country Art Escapes is an initiative spearheaded by the Arts North West Regional Arts Board to promote the flourishing arts scene in the New England and North West regions of NSW. Currently, the initiative consists of around 70 venues, which are spread out across the region from Tenterfield in the north to Quirindi in the south and west to Moree and Narrabri.

At its core, Country Art Escapes aims to enable visitors to the region to easily plan arts and culture based journeys through this beautiful natural landscape. As such, their website boasts seven suggested itineraries, such as a north to south gallery tour or a museum tour of the west, yet it also allows visitors to customise their own tour. Therefore, whether you’re interested in arts, history or Aboriginal culture, there is a diverse range of wonderful galleries, museums, historical buildings and artist studios involved in this project to ensure every trip into region is unique and tailored to individual preferences.

Additionally, Country Art Escapes is determined to promote activities, events, workshops and festivals in New England and North West, further highlighting the incredible breadth of artistic talent in the NSW countryside.

In short, Country Art Escapes is doing its utmost to spread the word on the wide range of exciting arts and culture venues in New England and the North West – and take it from us, there's so much to love in this artistically ripe landscape!

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