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Crofters Cottage Café, Glen Innes


Crofters Cottage Café, in a cosy stone cottage near a Glen Innes landmark, offers warm service and great food. 

Located at the site of Glen Innes' impressive Australian Standing Stones – a nod to the region’s Celtic heritage – is the Crofters Cottage Café.

There is no doubt this little café, positioned on a hill overlooking town, is an idyllic place to have breakfast or lunch. It’s located in a charming cobblestone cottage and is beautifully decorated with bunting and fresh flowers.

We were met warmly by owner Colleen Gibson, who had recently taken over management of the café at the time of our visit. Colleen is also the chef, busying herself between the kitchen and the café floor where she chats to customers with the friendliness we’d come to expect of locals in the towns of New England.

The breakfast menu offers up the classics including bacon and eggs, eggs benedict, and both a vegetarian and traditional big brekky. We opted for the vegetarian big brekky, which had mushrooms, wilted spinach, roasted tomatoes, pesto and a generous serve of avocado.

And despite the early hour, we couldn’t go past the coconut crumbed prawns, served with a zesty, herb-packed Asian salad and a mango and avocado salsa from the lunch menu. You know, for research. It was an unconventional breakfast choice, but truly delicious nonetheless.

Coconut crumbed prawns with a zesty Asian salad

The lunch menu also features a chilli soft shell crab, a pear, walnut and blue cheese salad and a sandwich bar, to name a few, all reasonably priced under $20.

If you’re planning on visiting the Australian Standing Stones, factor in a coffee or a meal at Crofters.

Crofters Cottage Café is located in the Centennial Parklands, 37 Watsons Drive, Glen Innes, NSW. Click here for more information.

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