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Eight Spots on Sam’s New England High Country Tour


Get off road and out of town.

New England High Country is a thrill seeker’s dream. Not only does the region’s off road tracks and exciting trails ensure a ride like no other, but the various natural wonders and unique eateries that dot the countryside all work to create a one of a kind experience.

If you’ve had enough of ordinary, then jump on the bike and start exploring extraordinary. Here are just some of the brilliant discoveries made on Sam’s visit to New England High Country.

1. Apex Lookout, Armidale

Take in Armidale from above with a visit to the Apex Lookout. Situated just a short ride from town, it’s the perfect place for off roaders to meet up before starting their adventure.

2. Fresh @ 110, Armidale

Fuel up with breakfast at Fresh @ 110. Run by Russian expat Lana Lazareva, this popular Armidale café is the ideal spot to caffeine up before you hit the road. Be sure to try the Russian pancakes.

3. Walcha Road Hotel, Walcha Road

Boasting both accommodation and a mean pub menu, Walcha Road Hotel is an award-winning historic hotel built in 1882. Get stuck into some top notch pub fare and enjoy a cold one on the verandah.

4. Dobson’s Distillery, Kentucky

No trip through New England High Country is complete without stopping of at Dobson’s Distillery. The brainchild of Stephen and Lyn Dobson, the distillery produces an incredible gin, whiskey, vodka and some liqueurs.

5. Vista Point Lookout, Mt Hyland

The Vista Point Lookout, just off Chaelundi Road, offers panoramic views of the Mt Hyland wilderness that seems to roll on forever. After a good day’s riding, it’s the perfect spot to just slow down for a bit and take it all in.

6. Dalmorton

Nestled in a picturesque valley, Dalmorton is blessed with a number of beautiful streams and rivers. However, this old town has a ghostly feel to its man-made buildings, with the country roads just oozing intrigue. Enjoy lunch here before exploring this fascinating town.

7. Old Grafton Road

Old Grafton Road is probably the most picturesque part of the ride through New England High Country. The road snakes along the river and passes through the historic tunnel cut out of the rock before winding back up the mountains towards Tommy’s Rock.

8. Tommy’s Rock

The journey to Tommy’s Rock is infested with jumps to get any off roader’s heart racing. Once you reach the lookout itself, you’ll be treated to incredible wilderness views over the Great Dividing Range. You can then reach the imposing rocky knob itself along a short walking track, with the more adventurous able to reach the summit along a challenging and steep ascent.

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