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Fellow Travellers in Cobar


Meet Matt, Nat, Matilda, and Jazz Milne, aka “the Griswald's doing our tour”.

If you drive from Perth to Sydney you’ll be traversing 4,110km of roads. If you average 100km/h you’ll be able to get it done in 44 hours. Would you be brave enough to do that with two kids? Matt and Nat Milne are.

Crossing the country in their ‘Cruiser and towing a home-built camper trailer, they are taking little Matilda and Jazz to see family at Margaret River and Dunsborough.

“We’ll be doing a bit of squidding over there,” Matt says happily.

They have each of their stops planned along the way and Cobar Caravan Park is the first. Rolling in at 5:30pm they didn’t get a chance to see any of the town, but they have plans to stop by Fort Bourke Lookout to see the deep hole in the ground where the underground gold and copper mine operates for 24 hours every day.

The girls enjoy watching the landscape go by, but they also have screens in the car to entertain them when becomes a bit too much. They both have a bike to ride so that they can let off some steam when they get to their campsite every evening.

Broken Hill is the next stop on the itinerary, followed by Broken Hill, Ceduna, Cocklebiddy, Kalgoorle, and then Perth. To cover the massive distance the Milne’s don’t have any extended stops planned on their way, but they are taking notes about what to do for their next trip, with a visit to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo already on the cards.

For the moment, they are all satisfying themselves with looking at the different landscapes they pass through.

“I think it’s the best,” says Nat. “I’d rather do this than go anywhere overseas; there’s so much to see that you’d never see otherwise.”

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