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Travellers' Stories

Fellow Travellers in Goulburn


Meet Susan, Susan, Rick, Nick and Jennifer.

It was the food at 98 Chairs that lured Susan, Susan, Rick, Nick and Jennifer to the Tablelands from the Highlands, and it won’t be long before they are back in town to sample it again.

“We loved it, it was very nice,” says Susan, “they have an interesting story here, they grow the produce locally, some of it themselves.”

The group are visiting the restaurant today because they plan to bring the Exeter Village Association for lunch in a few weeks, and wanted to try it out beforehand. They will be driving down in a mini-bus, and after lunch Rick and Nick plan to take everyone on a guided version of the walking tour.

“We haven’t done it before though, so we are going to do it now,” explains Rick, “we want to be familiar with it and know what is best when we come with the group.”

While the men spend a couple of hours seeing the spectacular historical buildings that Goulburn has to offer, the women have other plans.

“They have lots of little shops here,” Jennifer says, “shops that we don’t have in Exeter, like Dimmeys.”

The group is in Goulburn on a day trip because Exeter is just 70km north.

“We would like to do that one day though,” says Susan, “it would be relaxing to come for dinner then spend some time at the club before simply heading around the corner to go to bed, the drive can be tiring.”

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