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Goodwood Station Stay, White Cliffs


Experience accommodation that's out of the ordinary.

Station stays might be a concept unknown to many but it's quite an interesting idea that is growing.  A number of working farms throughout Australia are opening up their pastoral lands to visitors looking for a change of scenery.  That isn’t all about vast tracts of empty land with just herds of sheep and cattle roaming around though. For a start there's an opportunity to learn a bit about what farming is all about, as well as getting an insight into the local area. In addition to all the activities you might expect to find on an Australian farm, there can also be opportunities for bush walks, fishing, bird watching, bike riding and even a bit of fossicking if you happen to be in the right place.

About 30 minutes north east of White Cliffs, Goodwood Station awaits discovery.  It's run by farming couple Zane and Louise who have set up several levels of accommodation for travellers. There are the Shearer’s quarters that include a fully equipped kitchen, showers, toilet and a wood fired ‘donkey’ to provide hot water. In addition to that there are dedicated areas for motorhomers and caravanners to camp with either the choice of having access to the aforementioned facilities or just having a basic camping site.

Goodwood is bordered on two sides by Paroo-Darling National Park and of course White Cliffs is nearby if a little opal prospecting is desired. Just staying on the property though, spending a few nights in this pleasant location is certainly desirable. Zane can explain all about the Dohne sheep and goats that he runs whilst Louise has an Environmental Science Degree and can give a good insight in the surrounding area’s ecosystems, as well as its history. In addition to enjoying the peace and quiet of the surrounding bush and farm land, there is also bird watching, biking and at night, stargazing - something best done away from the bright lights.

Goodwood Station Stay is located 46km north east of the White Cliffs Opal Fields. Book to stay at Goodwood Station Stay.

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