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Greengrocer on Clifford, Goulburn


Enjoy fresh, simple and delicious food, all with a side of top notch service.

Greengrocer is the kind of place that leaves an impression, not just because of the unusual décor, but because the stream of customers that pours through the door of a morning can each be named by the staff, and is exceptionally steady for a city of only twenty thousand or so people. They pulse in and out, like droplets in the ebb and flow of the tide, pulled by the gravity, not of the moon, but of the stainless steel Italian Rancilio coffee machine that holds prime position on the front counter. Groups of friends gather at the long table beside this machine, having a chat as they wait for it to dispense their morning brew.

To be sure, Greengrocer is an unusual place. The minimal white tables and wooden chairs are lit with supermarket-style fluorescent lights and in the centre of the room, right in front of the entrance, are mounds of fresh fruit and vegetables. Then, scattered around the shop and hanging on the walls are bicycles, head through the door in the back wall and you’ll find a full blown bike shop.

This makes the deceptively named Greengrocer on Clifford not only a greengrocer’s, but a bike shop and café – a combination that you probably haven’t encountered before on your travels. You’ll find plenty of bike shop’s with cafes, but very rarely will fresh fruit, veg and eggs have been thrown into the mix, without being served in the dishes of course.

Greengrocer on Clifford

The café is lined with long, gleaming glass cabinets from which the friendly staff serve all manner of delicious-looking pre-prepared things - cakes, muffins, rolls, wraps, salads, fresh juice, fruit salad and more. Displayed on the wall above these cabinets you will find the menu, which lists the cooked meals.

The food here is simply but skillfully prepared, allowing the freshness and quality of the ingredients to shine through. At lunchtime there is a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers and, especially good for Goulburn’s chilly winter months, freshly prepared soup.

For $11.50 the bacon and egg breakfast comes with two pieces of toast, fresh spinach, and half a lightly fried roma tomato. For just $1 more you can add a very generous serving of mushrooms, making it an absolute bargain. The eggs are perfectly poached and the mushrooms flavoured the way they should be, with copious amounts of butter and herbs.

It is, however, the coffee that draws the crowds to Greengrocer; it is rich, chocolatey, and smooth, and not to be missed.

Greengrocer on Clifford is located at 37 Clifford St, Goulburn, NSW. Call (02) 4821 0033 for more information.

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