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Town Bio



The vibrant rural town of Guyra can be found on the uppermost plateau of the Great Dividing Range. Because of this geographical blessing, Guyra has become renowned as a place of natural beauty, surrounded as it is by rugged peaks, wild gorges, and no less than four world class National Parks. A light blanket of snow is no stranger to these parts in winter either, nor is striking colour in spring and autumn. However, Guyra is more than just a pretty face, and the streets tell a tale of pioneering success and pastoral splendour.

While once a prominent dairy producer, Guyra turned its sights to crop farming a while back, and is now famous for its tasty tomatoes and perfect potatoes. Still, the town hasn’t forgotten its past, and remnants of its former life at the centre of the gold, tin and diamond mining industries are strewn throughout the streets, from the fascinating regional museums to the grand heritage sites.

The area boasts a range of accommodation options designed to meet the needs of every style and every budget. Visitors can choose from a selection of motels, caravan parks and bush camping grounds, or indulge with self-contained cabins or bed and breakfasts in both rural and urban settings. Good coffee is easy to come by, and a number of local restaurants, hotels and wineries are helping to grow the town’s already blossoming food and wine scene. Guyra is an adventure just waiting to be had, and at only five and six hours from Brisbane and Sydney respectively, there’s no time like the present to get exploring.

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