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Town Bio



A melting pot of heritage and culture, the historic town of Hay is a monument to the struggles and successes of days gone by. With its vast open plains and proximity to the picturesque Murrumbidgee River, the town provides a unique landscape that has fascinated poets and artists for centuries, including the great Banjo Paterson. Yet despite their endeavours to capture the intrigue of this town, Hay is still a place of secrets, all of which are yearning to be discovered.

Owing to its peculiar position atop one of the flattest stretches of land in the world, the town has become known as a place of big, open skies, blazing sunsets and mesmerising colour palettes. As captivating as its natural beauty is, Hay is also remarkable for its rich history. The streets are dotted with heritage buildings and diverse museums, which together speak volumes of a prosperous past. These five museums feature unique collections that span the town’s lifetime, each remembering the people and the events that shaped the land.

Accommodation is varied and plentiful in Hay, with visitors able to choose from a wealth of camping grounds, caravan parks, cottages, farmstays, motels and hotels. There’s no shortage of quality kitchens in town either, and whether you’re looking for a feed on the run or a fine country dining experience to savour, Hay has it sorted. The town may hide under a guise of isolation, but being within a day’s drive of three capital cities, what it truly offers is a unique and authentic country experience unlike any other.

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