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Historic Day Dream Mine, Apollyon Valley


Experience the tough working conditions of a bygone era for yourself at this historic mine.

Day Dream Mine

Located between Broken Hill and Silverton, the Historic Day Dream Mine is an authentic and historic mine that you can tour in absolute safety. The mine descends deep into the earth and gives visitors a real sense of what it must have been like to wield a pick and shovel in such challenging conditions.

Day Dream Mine

Established in 1882, the mine attracted a settlement of about 500 people and the district’s first smelters. While the settlement was short-lived – it gave ground to Silverton and then Broken Hill – the mine continued to operate until 1983.

Day Dream Mine

Nowadays, tours through the mine are conducted seven days a week, and take about an hour. Tours can be booked at the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre, or visitors can simply turn up at the mine between 10am and 3.30pm.

The Day Dream Mine is located 12km off Silverton Rd, Apollyon Valley, NSW. Click here for more information.

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