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Historic Tenterfield Railway Museum, Tenterfield


A preserved 19th Century railway station offers a fascinating glimpse into the past.

The first thing that strikes you about the Historic Tenterfield Railway Station Museum is the beauty of the building itself. Positioned off a sleepy backstreet on the outskirts of Tenterfield, its Gothic Victorian architecture is a grand sight as you pull into the large entryway where the bustling sounds of horses and carts, rushed farewells and joyous reunions once dominated.

The station opened in 1886 and remains largely intact in its restored original state. When the Sydney to Brisbane railway line was completed in 1888, Tenterfield Station became a busy stop on a well-frequented route. Services declined during the 1970s and the last train passed through the station in October of 1989, some 103 years after the first train pulled away.

These days, the station hosts an impressive array of railway relics, from passenger and freight trains to luggage carts and other equipment including suitcases, curios and railway advertisements from throughout the 20th century.

The Historic Railway Museum Tenterfield

The nine rooms of the station are mostly all open and filled with treasures from bygone years. Visitors are free to wander at their leisure, even to climb aboard the old passenger trains and imagine the seats full of characters smoking cigars and chatting.

Trains, like planes and buses, seem to be a place of introspection and reflection. One can’t help but imagine who the people were that filled these seats over the years; where they were coming from, where they were going and what soul searching they did as they gazed out the window throughout the long journey to Sydney, Brisbane, or somewhere in between.

The platform itself has been lovingly transformed into a beautiful garden of potted and hanging plants; the verdant green of flourishing ferns contrasting against the rusty relics of yesteryear, while simultaneously tying this historical place to the present.

The Historic Tenterfield Railway Museum is located on Railway Ave, Tenterfield, NSW. Click here for more information.

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