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Town Bio



With a population of around 200 people, Ivanhoe represents the hard work and determination of a true Outback New South Wales town. Surviving through devastating floods and stifling droughts, Ivanhoe remains a tight knit community of friendly, welcoming people who offer nothing less than classic country hospitality.

Located on the Cobb Highway between the Lachlan and Darling rivers, Ivanhoe is a spectacular vision of red dirt and cobalt skies. The peaceful environment creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for taking time away from busy schedules and the stresses of everyday life.

Founded in the early 1870s, Ivanhoe boasts an intriguing past. The Ivanhoe Heritage Trail provides visitors with a historical insight into the town, including heritage sites and public buildings. The self-guided tour takes you on an exploration of different locations which each have a unique story to tell.

To provide you with a comfortable stay, the Ivanhoe Hotel is a popular accommodation option and offers modern style rooms equipped with televisions and air-conditioning, an al-a-carte restaurant and light entertainment. For guests who prefer to sleep under the stars, there is also a tidy caravan park only a short walking distance from the hotel.

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