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Town Bio



Jennings is one of the twin towns of Jennings and Wallangarra located on the Northern Tablelands region of NSW. These towns straddle the NSW and QLD border and are divided by the railway station placed exactly on this border in 1888.

Named after the first Catholic Premier of NSW, Sir Patrick Jennings, this village has strong links with the federation story where Sir Henry Parkes disembarked on the QLD side of the railway station before travelling on to Tenterfield from the NSW side to deliver his famous federation speech in 1889. The railway station has been beautifully restored and now operates as an interactive Heritage Museum and Function Centre.

Jennings is only 5.5km from the heart of Girraween National Park, which features a stunning landscape of massive granite outcrops, large angular tors, and precariously balancing boulders. It is possible to enjoy a day trip from Jennings to the park, but campsites are available for those who want to enjoy the park under the stars.

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