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Jolly Jumbuck Bistro, Hay


Tuck in to some good, old fashioned pub fare at the Jolly Jumbuck.

It is an old truism that you can tell how good a restaurant is by the number of locals eating there, and by that standard the Jolly Jumbuck Bistro must undoubtedly prove to be one of the best in town. On any given night of the week this family friendly restaurant is jumping like a jumbuck, with a steady stream of locals pouring through the door to celebrate the important events in the lives of themselves and their fellows. As a local in this environment simply getting to your table is quite a journey as you will no doubt have to stop and share the news with people sitting at three (or more) tables before you can sit down at your own.

Travellers aren’t spared the conversation in this friendly country town – everyone is genuinely interested in what you have been up to or where you’re headed. If you’re lucky, a quick chat before you order at the counter will reveal to you that the Surf ‘N Turf is the dish the Jolly Jumbuck is famous for. Afterwards you might even be told that all the meat here comes from Macker across the road; this is the butcher where the clued up travellers stop in at to stock up before they head out of town.

Jolly Jumbuck

The Jolly Jumbuck Bistro is part of the Riverina Hotel, but is separated from it by a swinging door, which enhances the family-friendliness. It has a relaxed vibe, friendly staff and a more extensive menu than your average pub bistro. There are meals of many different styles available, including pizza, steaks, pasta, and seafood. The vegetarian options are rather limited but the kitchen staff are more than happy to whip something up to order that will cater for your dietary requirements.

A day on the road or traipsing about visiting the sights in a warm outback town are sure to have worked up your appetite, so it is nice that the serving sizes at the Jolly Jumbuck are incredibly generous – they will sate even the biggest hunger. The beers from the taps are icy cold and refreshing: perfect for washing down your tender steak (there are six or so different cuts available) or veg with gravy.

There is no doubt the Jolly Jumbuck Bistro is popular with the locals because it serves consistently good honest pub food in a welcoming and friendly environment that everyone can appreciate.

The Jolly Jumbuck Bistro is located at 148 Lachlan St, Hay, NSW.

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