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Justine Muller from Wilcannia


An artist hailing from the Big Smoke, Justine has fallen in love with the outback town of Wilcannia and its people.

You regularly hear about city folk leaving the bright lights behind for a quieter existence in the country, but Justine Muller has taken that tale to a new level.

Justine is an artist living in the tiny town of Wilcannia, in remote Outback NSW. She grew up in her family's pub in Woolloomooloo, central Sydney; a bustling city hotel frequented by gays, straights, trans, journalists, musicians, artists, the rich, the poor and politicians. The Resch's beer flowed as freely as the conversation, and Justine and her sister learnt that life is full of colour and grit.

Justine Muller

A far cry from that city existence but still plenty colourful and gritty, Justine's life in Wilcannia revolves around getting to know the often misunderstood locals, her adoptive aunties and uncles, painting their portraits and telling their stories through her photography and her art. It is her personal mission to challenge the stereotypes that have plagued Wilcannia, and I was lucky enough to be invited into her home on the banks of the Darling River (coincidentally the old Resch's brewery - life is never without its parallels) to see this little town and its people through her eyes.

Take a look at our video interview with Justine above, as she gives us the grand tour of Wilcannia with her ever-faithful companion, Denzel the blue heeler. 

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