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Kate's Top Five


We ‘Take 5’ with self-confessed foodie and Dubbo-based blogger at, Kate Wright.

As a self-confessed foodie, what’s your favourite restaurant in Dubbo?

That’s so hard, I love so many for different reasons! But I’d have to say Two Doors. I love tapas and there’s a great variety on the menu and it changes with the seasons – but there’s always some form of pork belly on there! It’s got a great atmosphere and an awesome wine list, and it’s just a really nice place to chill out for a drink or a meal. Oh, and the sangria is delicious!

After a long working week, where do you head for a Friday knock-off drink?

Straight to the Monkey Bar. They have an amazing cocktail list, and they even added a delicious cocktail I had while holidaying in Venice Beach in the US. It’s called an ‘Effen black martini’, made from black cherry-infused Effen vodka. The bar has a really great vibe, plays perfect afternoon music and is just a really chilled out place to unwind.

And what’s your favourite pub?

The Commercial. It’s recently had a total refurbishment and now has a really nice heritage vibe with timber tables, yummy gastro pub food and an awesome beer garden. It’s also the place where I had my first kiss with my now husband.

Where do the two of you like to go for a picnic?

At Sir Roden Cutler Park in West Dubbo. It’s perched on a hill overlooking the river and the town, and is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset. It’s right on the bike path alongside the river, so you can ride there, have a picnic and a bottle of wine, and ride home or back to your accommodation.

Not too much wine if you’re going to be cycling! Can you tell us three places you take your friends and family when they visit Dubbo?

Okay, I’ll divide this into ‘do’, ‘shop’ and ‘eat’. We’d ‘do’ Taronga Western Plains Zoo, that one’s a no brainer. We’d go shopping at Mary and Me, a lovely little boutique on Macquarie Street, and then I’d take them to the open mic night (Tuesday) at The Old Bank Hotel for dinner and a few drinks. 

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