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Town Bio



High in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range, right on the Queensland border, the small rural village of Liston is surrounded by lush, gently undulating country. To the east, the hills fall away rapidly to Rivertree and the headwaters of the Clarence River. The surrounding country is predominantly used for cattle grazing, although lavender, fruit and vegetables are also produced.

Historically, this area was the centre of a busy tin and silver mining industry. Only a few remnants remain including the historic Rivertree Chimney and the old settlers’ cemetery at Willson’s Downfall.

Just outside of town you’ll find three national parks, namely Bald Rock National Park, Boonoo Boonoo National Park and Maryland National Park. Each park offers its own unique attractions and are worth exploring for their bushwalking opportunities and stunning scenic vistas.

Local establishments offer refreshments and a variety of accommodation options for those wishing to stay longer. 

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