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Living Desert Reserve, Broken Hill


Experience the breathtaking topography, scenery and views in this unique 2400 hectare reserve.

Living Desert Reserve

The Living Desert Reserve is nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges and is located 9km from the City of Broken Hill, and can be explored through the numerous walking trails available for various fitness levels.

Living Desert Reserve

For a sense of why creative people continue to be inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the desert landscape around Broken Hill, visit the sculpture symposium located in the Living Desert Reserve.


Initiated by Gosford-based sculptor Lawrence Beck and created by 12 artists from five countries, these 12 striking sandstone pieces celebrate the strong connection between art and environment within the region. Perched on top of a hill and accompanied by spectacular panoramic views, the sculptures are an impressive part of Broken Hill’s skyline, particularly at sunset.

Living Desert Reserve

The Sculpture Site can be accessed via a 1 km walking trail starting from the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary car park. There is also vehicle access to the sculptures.

Living Desert Reserve

Also within the Living Desert Reserve is the 180ha Living Desert Flora and Fauna Sanctuary. Bordered by a predator-proof fence, the sanctuary’s tranquil gullies and rocky outcrops are threaded with paths that encourage visitors to experience outback plants and animals, and help to better understand the region’s Aboriginal heritage.


The Living Desert Reserve is located in the Barrier Ranges, 9km from the city of Broken Hill.

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