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Local Weather


Sitting in the heart of Outback NSW, Broken Hill experiences a broad spectrum of weather conditions.

The weather in Broken Hill is generally mild with only 8 to 10 days a year exceeding 38 degrees Celsius. Winters can get quite cold but generally the city experiences a mild winter.

The Broken Hill Complex Bioregion generally has a hot, dry climate and lies within the NSW arid zone. The bioregion is one of four bioregions, all in the far west of the state, which are dominated by a hot, persistently dry desert climate. Patches of semi-arid climate in the centre of the bioregion complement the arid climate prevalent in most of the bioregion.

The geology of the Broken Hill Complex Bioregion comprises folded and metamorphosed Proterozoic (545-2,500 million year ago) sedimentary and igneous rocks and Palaeozoic (251-545 million year ago) sedimentary rocks. The Proterozoic units form low ranges, rounded hills and downs. The undulating landscape is dominated by Palaeozoic rocks, with areas of steeper ridges corresponding to bands of metamorphic rocks.

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