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Hidden Gems

Loony Letterboxes


When is a letterbox more than just a letterbox? 

Other questions we could perhaps also ask, include – do our letterboxes really need to be just a slit in a brick pillar or an unimaginative oblong wooden or metal box perched on top of a short pole? 

Dolphin Letterbox

Or, can a letterbox perhaps be making some sort of statement to those going past or even be symbolic of how we in the house communicate with the big wide world outside?  Now, we have all heard people say that ‘you are what you eat’.  Others say that ‘clothes maketh the person’.  If there is any truth in either of these, then what about your letterbox?  Can your letterbox in fact, describe the sort of person who lives inside – a statement of your personality – conservative, creative, outlandish, cheeky, fanciful, dull and boring, way out or even over the top ... or perhaps they can reflect people’s dreams, their work, hobbies or just their eccentricities!

Dinosaur Letterbox

It also seems that these integral and trusted appendages to our homes really don’t need to be dull and boring objects.  In fact, looking around the nation it seems that many Aussies have set out on their own crusade to stamp out tired, uninteresting letterboxes and if some of those we found on our travels in NSW are any guide, they have achieved their goal with a vengeance!  

Chook Letterbox

Indeed, it is clear that a letterbox can, without question, be more than just a letterbox!  It is clearly, in some households, a unique part of their lives.

Fish Letterbox

Through thick and thin, your trusty letterbox seems to cope with the lot.  It stands by you like a loyal friend and it’s there when you need it through rain, hail or shine, all year round, dutifully collecting the good, the bad and the ugly without prejudice. 

In addition, it is standing out there as a signpost, with a road or street number displayed, showing the postie where to deliver mail, which house your visitors should call to and it also helps to ensure your home delivery pizzas arrive at the right place before they get cold!  Come to think of it, how could any of us survive without our trusty letterboxes! 

Spongebob Letterbox

Before concluding, I should mention another important finding and that was that country people are far more inventive and creative than city dwellers in the letterbox stakes.  Is it, perhaps, that country folk are not part of the modern ‘disposable’ society and continue to make use of anything they’ve got just as they have always done, or are country folk really more creative and inventive, or is it something else? 

Perhaps we will need to go out again one day to get answers to these still unanswered letterbox questions!

Cow Letterbox

In the meantime, I think I’ll go out and check the mail!

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