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Lotte’s Cottage, Broken Hill


A charming historic cottage in the heart of town.

Key to the aesthetic of Broken Hill is the countless historic cottages dotted around town, many in their original state and some, such a Lotte’s Cottage, lovingly restored and renovated to modern living standards. Located just a stone’s throw from the centre of town, the 1889-built Lotte’s Cottage is positioned right next door to current owners Ken and Erica Malloch, who purchased the cottage when it came on the market in the early 2000s.

Indeed, Erica had lived next door to Lotte’s her entire life; the couple’s house is her family home. Hubby Ken is handy on the tools, so rolled up his sleeves and got to task transforming the cottage to its current state. Erica is the decorator of the team, with a keen interest in interior design (the magazines placed throughout the cottage give her away), which has served her well in creating a comfortable and sophisticated space within the historic setting.

One of two queen bedrooms in Lotte's Cottage

The two have done a wonderful job with the cottage. The entrance is warm and inviting, with a bright red door welcoming guests inside from the tidy front patio where giant pot plants and an outdoor setting make for an excellent place to watch the world go by.

Inside, there are polished timber floorboards throughout, including the original boards in one of the two front bedrooms. Ken tells me this is the reason for the “slight droop” in this particular room, and judging by the sparkle in his eye as he says it, I gather he has nothing but affection for this historic idiosyncrasy.

The two front rooms are equipped with very comfy queen beds with luxurious linen and electric blankets. The third bedroom contains two single beds. You can have access to any or all of the rooms to sleep between one and six people, with the overnight rate sliding accordingly.

The twin bedroom in Lotte's Cottage

There is a small but cosy central living room with two couches and a television, plus the all important gas heater, which does a tremendous job of warming the entire house during those icy outback winters.

Double sliding doors lead you to the open plan kitchen and dining room at the back of the cottage, the kitchen equipped with everything you’d expect of a modern home – including a coffee machine. There’s also a small launderette sectioned off in a cupboard, with a washing machine and clothes drier for road-weary travellers to refresh and take stock.

The kitchen in Lotte's Cottage

The back room overlooks the charming and private rear courtyard, which comes complete with pomegranate trees, red umbrellas, an outdoor setting and a barbeque. Orange trees hang over the fence from the block behind – Ken’s hobby farm, Erica tells me with a laugh, “where he goes to get away from me”.

It’s clear these two are creative and passionate homemakers, for whom the little cottage next door has been a project of love. The very name ‘Lotte’s Cottage’ tells that tale, celebrating the short but sweet life of the couple’s 10-month-old Rottweiler, who sadly passed away during the renovation.

If you’re looking for warm and cosy, self-contained accommodation in the heart of Broken Hill, the historic Lotte’s Cottage might just be for you.     

Lotte's Cottage is located at 31 Blende St, Broken Hill, NSW. Book now to stay at Lotte's Cottage.

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