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Town Bio



Situated in the NSW central west region is the unassuming outback town of Louth. Louth was made famous by the Australian poet Henry Lawson, as a place that loved “a drink, a party and a punt”. Today the quiet town on the Darling River is far less raucous but can still put on a great show, with the Louth Races in particular always attracting big crowds.

Located 132km north of Cobar on the banks of the Darling River, Louth boasts a population of under 50 people. While known as a town that enjoys a party, Louth’s most impressive attraction is the sombre ‘Celtic Cross’, a polished granite 24 feet high monument in the cemetery that was constructed by Louth’s founder, Thomas Matthews, as a memorial to his wife Mary, who died in 1866.

Accommodation options are limited, but the famous Trilby Station lies only 20 minutes south west of town along the Darling River Run. Shindy’s Inn also offers comfortable accommodation, as well as quality counter meals and cold beers for those hot days. Louth is quintessentially Australian, and a true Outback town.

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