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Town Bio

Loxton, SA


The RV Friendly town of Loxton, in South Australia’s Riverland region, is a pretty, riverside town on the mighty Murray River.

While in town, follow your nose (and the signs) to the intriguing Tree of Knowledge. 


The interestingly-named Tree of Knowledge is, in fact, a towering river red gum set back from the river’s edge and marked with the flood levels that the mighty Murray reached in all severe flood events since the early 1900s.

1956 was, by far, the highest and we marvelled at how different the river, and the town, would have looked at that time.

Have a stroll through the peaceful riverside park, dotted with families having picnics and caravanners from the nearby Riverfront Caravan Parks dangling fishing lines in the river.

Here, you'll spot another unusual attraction –  Loxton’s Giant Pelican. An info plaque says the big bird was a relic from a 1979 Mardi Gras parade where it premiered as a float for the Loxton Aquatic Club and carried the Mardi Gras Queen.


It performed at other parades, even travelling to Adelaide, over the years, before finally coming to rest on the riverfront – with a new coat of fibreglass – in 1992. And it is on wheels, so it can be moved in the event of a flood!

Cheap parking for caravanners, campers and motorhomers is also available in the RV Precinct at the Riverfront Holiday Park in Sophie Edington Drive where sites cost $9 per night and there is no maximum stay.

Free camping is available along the river, Thieles sandbar and Rilli Reserve for up to 21 days. A dump point is available in Grant Schubert Drive, adjacent to the Lions Picnic Park and Loxton Riverfront Holiday Park.

Loxton, SA, is 256km north-east of Adelaide.

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