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Mad Max Museum, Silverton


You don’t have to be a Mad Max fan to appreciate the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating Silverton’s Mad Max Museum.

Adrian Bennett

For owner Adrian Bennett, it all began when he was 18, and a few friends dragged him along to watch a double screening of Mad Max and Mad Max 2. The effect was instantaneous, and after watching both movies in complete awe, a full-blown obsession was born.

Years later, and the dream to move to Australia became a reality for the Englishman, who managed to convince his wife and kids to swap their cosy English lives for an adventure in the outback.

Before he arrived, Silverton - the ‘Hollywood of the Outback’ - had no kind of tribute to Mad Max, let alone any of the other many films that were shot there. The iconic landscape had become synonymous with not only Mad Max, but also other seminal Australian films including: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Wake in Fright.

Hollywood of the Outback

So began the mission to build the museum, which opened in 2010 and celebrates Mad Max 2, specifically. Donations of photographs, costumes, props, even vehicles came streaming in, with locals – many of whom starred as extras in the films – offering up items for the collection.

Visit the museum today and you’ll find the valuables, trinkets and memorabilia carefully curated in the front section of the building. Head out back and it’s a smorgasbord of vehicles (keep your eyes peeled for the Interceptor car Bennett built himself) and machinery.

Mad Max Museum

Bennett can even tell you the exact location of every car crash, explosion or chase scene – should you feel the need to take yourself on a self-guided Mad Max tour.

With the world-wide success of the most recent offering – Mad Max: Fury Road, it doesn’t look like interest in the Mad Max phenomenon is set to wane. So what better time to journey to Mad Max territory and check out this passion-project-turned-Silverton-institution? 

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