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Town Bio



The emerging town of Moree is as picturesque as it is efficient. Located on the New South Wales and Queensland border, the town enjoys an abundance of fresh water from nearby rivers and groundwater reserves, and is home to thriving open forests and rural grasslands. Winding creeks make their way through majestic red gums, silver-leaved ironbark and coolabah trees, with this picturesque landscape home to numerous native species of wildlife.

Prior to European settlement, Moree was occupied by the Kamilaroi people, and still has a large indigenous population today. The historic Moree Plains gallery promotes the spectacular artworks of local Aboriginal artists, and visitors can deepen their understanding of contemporary indigenous life by viewing these exhibitions.

The township of Moree is warm and inviting, with large trees providing shade and tidy shopfronts offering various goods and services. Attractive open gardens provide the opportunity for local gardeners to showcase both Australian and international flower varieties in magnificent designs and displays that are sure to take your breath away.

Known as the ‘Spa Capital of Australia’, Moree is famous for its Artesian Spa Baths. The newly renovated aquatic centre provides the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate, as naturally filtered mineral water gently soothe and revitalise weary travellers.

When choosing to stay in Moree, whether for a one night stop over or an extended holiday, there are a variety of comfortable and practical accommodation options which are sure to satisfy every visitor’s needs. From caravan parks and camping grounds to quaint bed and breakfasts and pet-friendly motels fit for the whole family, Moree awaits your arrival!

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