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Town Bio

Moss Vale


The picturesque town of Moss Vale can be found just 130km south-west of Sydney in the centre of the Highlands. Moss Vale is surrounded by rolling green hills, and boasts more than a few tree-lined streets and gardens thriving on the area’s volcanic soils. However, more than just a pretty face, Moss Vale also offers a wealth of experiences and attractions to ensure a relaxed and unforgettable journey through one of NSW’s most postcard ready regions.

The town of Moss Vale has a very special relationship with the Southern Highlands due to its proximity to the very first settlement in the region, the now-abandoned town of Bong Bong. Moss Vale today lies mostly on land subdivided from the property of the original settler, Charles Throsby, and was formerly established in 1867 when the railway arrived. Then in 1869, the young township was christened Moss Valley, apparently deriving its name from Jemmy Moss, an employee of Throsby's who lived in a shack on the new subdivision.

Perhaps unsurprising given its history, the Moss Vale train station dominates the town. The train station is a fine example of Victorian railway architecture, and features a grand refreshment room and vice-regal suite that, while closed now, hark back to the days when the station was the transfer point for the state governor on his way to his summer residence at Sutton Forest.

The train station isn’t the only fascinating building the town has to offer. Many of the public buildings, including the school, churches, shops and private homes, date from the 1860s to the 1890s, with the fine Town Hall built in 1891. However, natural beauty also blooms in the streets, with the Leighton Gardens, located in the centre of town, offering beautiful displays of flowers in spring and autumn.

Accommodation options are plenty in Moss Vale, with the town offering three hotels, motels, good B&Bs, a guesthouse, self-contained cottages, farmstays and a caravan park. Add in the selection of quality cafes, restaurants and take away shops – not to mention the range of antique stores and charming boutiques – and there are more reasons than can be counted as to why Moss Vale should be your next country getaway destination.

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