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Mundi Mundi Lookout, Silverton


Have a champagne picnic at this amazing outback vantage point.

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Science tells us the earth is round, but have you ever seen the evidence with your own eyes? You can at Mundi Mundi Lookout, just 4km past Silverton or around a half hour drive from Broken Hill. From here, the view across the Mundi Mundi Plains is so vast the curvature of the earth is discernible with the naked eye.

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Mention the outback and images of huge, interrupted skies generally spring to mind. Well, nowhere does the sky seem larger than at Mundi Mundi. It’s little wonder, then, the outback sunsets here are some of the finest you’ll find.

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Mundi Mundi Lookout is the perfect place for a sunset picnic. Pack some nibbles and a bottle of champagne, load the camping chairs into the car and head out in time to set-up and watch the sun disappear beyond the vast horizon as though it were sinking into the fabled inland sea our early European explorers tried in vain to locate out here.

Mundi Mundi Lookout

Outback NSW is heralded by photographers and artists for its incredible light – that’s why Broken Hill has such a thriving art scene – and at no time of day is it more beautiful than at sunset. The fading light throws dazzling colours into the sky and across the landscape with a dreamy clarity that photographers will delight in.

Needless to say, you’d best pack your camera.

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