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New Crown Hotel Motel Restaurant, Hay


Enjoy a feast in the sunshine at the New Crown Hotel Motel.

You can’t go wrong in a country pub with a parma; which is why they are the backbone of many an Aussie travellers diet.  The New Crown Hotel Motel in Hay knows this, and so as a result it has them nailed. These parmas are elegant in their simplicity; quality crumbed chicken breast is topped with tomato sauce and cheese, and served with crunchy chips and a crisp salad or lightly steamed veggies. It is basic, but perfectly delicious.

The current managers, Bec and Ronaldo, are a local couple who took on the Crown Hotel in February 2014 and one of the first things they did was to rationalise the menu.

“There were way too many things on there,” Bec says, “and nobody could ever finish what was on their plate. So we’ve simplified it: we’ve lifted the quality of the food and reduced the quantity.”

A classic parma from the New Crown Hotel Motel Restaurant

Which is certainly saying something – the $10 lunch special has the plate piled high and to the edges.

“We actually use a smaller plate now,” Bec says when this is pointed out to her, “to stop the chefs going overboard.”

If the four or so items on the lunch special menu aren’t to your taste you can also order from the dinner menu, and all the meals here are cooked to order, so the chefs are able to cater for any dietary requests you might have.

The air-conditioned dining area is incredibly spacious, with two huge rooms full of tables and a pleasantly leafy beer garden out the back caters for people who want to soak up the sunshine. There is a resident cockatoo out here that Bec and Ronaldo inherited with the pub. He is cute and talkative but also a bit of an old grump so don’t go sticking your fingers into his business, because he will probably try and keep them.

Beer garden at the New Crown Hotel Motel

The Crown has two fully-equipped bars where you are sure to meet some regulars who are good for a yarn. There is one regular, Speck, who even get his own stool permanently reserved for him in the public bar out the front, but Bec says not to worry if you accidentally sit here, he is gentle as a mouse.

If you find yourself exhausted after your meal there is value-for-money accommodation upstairs and out the back, and you can be sure that Bec and Ronaldo will take good care of you.

The New Crown Hotel Motel is located at 117 Lachlan St, Hay, NSW.

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