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Outback Archives


Located on the first floor of the Broken Hill City Library, The Outback Archives takes care of important historical records detailing many of the remarkable stories from the Broken Hill region.

In addition to the many Library resources like wi-fi, computer access, and locally relevant reference books available, the upstairs site boasts impressive collections of documents, photographs and publications that provide a wealth of resources to casual visitors and dedicated researchers alike.

Whether you simply wish to browse the incredible history of the area or conduct in-depth research on specific topics, you won’t be disappointed. The Archives Officer and volunteers are available to assist all visitors in their searches.

In addition to a comprehensive newspaper collection from the local area, some of the highlights of the collections include early mining history of Broken Hill, the White Cliffs collection, as well as stories of the Barrier Field Naturalist’s Club, best known for developing the Regeneration Area around the city to combat the relentless dust storms to plague Broken Hill in the early days.

Casual visitors are always welcome to browse in the Library and Archives while more serious researchers may find it valuable to make an appointment to ensure someone is available to assist you with your topic.

Significant Objects

There is a wide range of objects on display at the museum and a number of them have high significance. The following objects are both significant and relate to the main stories told at the museum.

BHP boardroom sketch

BHP boardroom sketch

This plan of the Broken Hill Proprietary Mining Operations in 1885 Shows the speed at which the mining developed once the ore body was revealed and mining got properly underway.

White Cliffs objects 

White Cliffs objects

Several significant objects are on display from the Glen Rowe collection.

Margaret Morris Journal

Margaret Morris Journal

This photo album complied by Albert’s wife, Margaret Morris beautifully displays a range of plants flowers catalogued by the group as well as some pictures of the group in action on field trips. 

Service Information

FREE (copying/printing fees)
Broken Hill City Library | Blende St
08 8080 3460
Mon-Thurs, 9am-1pm & 2pm-5pm | Fri 9am-1pm

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