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Poppa's Fudge and Jam Factory, Young


Sugar, spice and all things nice await you at Poppa’s. 

If a sweet tooth died and went to heaven, he’d very likely end up sleeping out the back of Poppa’s Fudge and Jam Factory in Young. Honestly, this place is decadence manifest; the shelves are lined with lollies of all persuasions, homemade jams and toppings, and the counter in the centre of the massive shop is jam-packed (pun fully intended) with the star of the show, Poppa’s freshly made fudge.

Poppa, or Kevin as he was likely christened, is every kid’s dream granddad; he’s all big smiles and belly laughs, and he’s obsessed with putting sweet treats in your hand. Heck, he’s my dream granddad and I’m not even a kid. Kev took us out the back to where he was brewing up a huge pot of cherries for jam, and showed us how he makes his fudge.

Poppa's Fudge Factory

We then ventured back to the front of the shop, where Kev began ploughing us with fudge samples; lemon meringue pie, salted caramel, rocky road, chocolate and ginger, nougat, Turkish delight – each flavour so delicious we couldn’t say no to the next sample, nor could we eat our lunch afterwards! Kevin explained that as one of Young’s main attractions, Poppa’s is on the hit list for tour buses full of fudge-hungry tourists looking for edible souvenirs, and as such the turnover of fudge is high, with new batches been cooked up daily and the fudge in the window never outliving a week. That explains why it is dreamily soft and full of flavour – there are no nasty preservatives or unnatural ingredients. Not on Poppa’s watch!

Birthday Cake fudge

There’s an extensive array of jams for sale, with old favourites like strawberry well represented, as well as some more exotic offerings like bourbon and blackberry, and fig, walnut and ginger. Kevin also makes a range of chutneys and sauces, many of which he says were him mum’s recipe. There’s chilli cherry chutney, green tomato pickles, ‘Firey Devil’ hot sauce and loads in between.

Poppa’s jams and chutneys taste even better once you know Kevin and his wife Vicki grow all the fruit and veggies on the ingredients list at their property outside Young. The seasonal harvest is deep frozen at the farm and brought into the factory to be cooked up as needed.

Poppa's Plum Sauce

And if fudge, jam and condiments aren’t really your thing, there’s still something for you at Poppa’s; the shop in fact began life as a homewares store, with the sweet treats component added in 2004. The shop retains that heritage and Vicki keeps it overflowing with homewares, candles and gifts.

Poppa's Fudge Factory

So whether your persuasion is edible sweet or sweet, non-edible objects, it’s well worth calling in to Poppa’s Fudge and Jam Factory.

Poppa’s Fudge and Jam Factory is located at 21 Lovell St, Young, NSW. Click here for more information.

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