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Red Earth Opal Cafe, White Cliffs


Experience an Outback Oasis at the Red Earth Opal Café.

The Red Earth Opal Café in White Cliffs is much more than a café. It is also a small but informative opal museum and the gateway to a working opal mine. If you’re on the road and looking for a driver reviver, the fresh scones and coffee may be even more appealing but it’s well worth extending your visit.

Described by many as an ‘oasis in the outback’, it was built by owner Graeme and his wife Sacha in 2008, using locally sourced materials. As well as the café, Graeme manages a working opal mine that produces fine opals that have been shown at shows in Asia and even the USA.

It may sound like a quirky menu item, but the ‘Opal Pineapple’ is the standout item in his collection. Named in the 1890s simply because it “looked like the top of a pineapple” it’s Graeme’s most prized piece.

If opal fever takes you, Graeme offers tours of the mine, giving a unique insight into the early history of opal mining in White Cliffs – while you’re 45 feet underground. You can see the mining equipment in action and even try digging for your own opal. Just make sure you bring enclosed shoes – health and safety has moved on since the 1890s!

Back above ground, the best advert for any café is whether the locals use it, and they’re happy to wait here while the scones and cakes are being freshly baked. What more reason do you need to fill the time with a good look around?

Red Earth Opal Café is located at Dugout 100, White Cliffs, NSW. Call (08) 8091 6900 for more information.

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