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Ask a Local

Rowan's Top Five


We ‘Take 5’ with Head Chef at the Best Western Goulburn, Rowan Bone.

What's your favourite thing about Goulburn

Everyone here is so friendly, open and honest, that’s why I moved here from the big city. I have lived in Melbourne, Brisbane, Switzerland, and Portugal, but in the end I wanted a country life. It’s more innocent out here, making a really good place to raise my kids.

Where do you like to relax in the outdoors?

The weather here is great almost all year round, and they are clearing out the Wollondilly River near the steamworks so you can go for a swim down there. I am lucky enough to live on an acreage, which means I get to live a very outdoor lifestyle.

How can you best explore Goulburn?

Get on your bikes and see some of the countryside. I often go out riding on my bike while my daughters ride their horses. The old disused rail line to Crookwell is being turned into a bike track soon too, which will be great.

Hidden gem?

Visit the caves at Wombeyan and Bungonia, they also offer some great walking opportunities.

Favourite cafe?

Get some food and coffee at Coffee Guru in town and enjoy the upmarket atmosphere before you head to the shopping centre.

The Best Western Goulburn is located at 77 Lagoon St, Goulburn, NSW. Click here to enquire or book.

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