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Town Bio

Sea Lake, Victoria


Sea Lake is located on the southern shores of Lake Tyrrell, around 360km north-west of Melbourne.


Sea Lake is a great stop-off point for witnessing Lake Tyrrell at its finest – during sunrise, sunset or on clear, starry nights. The Lake Tyrrell Viewing Platform is 8km north of Sea Lake.

Just north of the town of Sea Lake, Lake Tyrrell is touted as Victoria’s largest salt lake, and is mostly dry, although at times areas fill with shallow water.


In recent years, the lake has become a popular tourist attraction, particularly with Chinese tourists, who come a long, long way to see the mirrored reflections in the parts of the lake that have water, which on still days create the optical illusion that you’re walking on water, making for an incredible photo.

While this tourism boom is mostly a good thing, it does have its downsides. This is a particularly fragile environment and care must be taken not to damage it. As such, driving is not permitted on the lakebed.

We walked out onto the glistening white saltpan, silent bar the whistling wind sweeping across the vast plain, no tourists in sight. The summer heat rippled across the crusted surface under a wide blue sky, dotted with puffy white clouds.

Although the lake is home to a host of reptiles, emus, kangaroos and birds, the only obvious forms of life (except for the very friendly flies) were the scrubby saltbush and the occasional bare branch poking its head up from the salt.

RVers can stop here at the Travellers Rest, on the Calder Highway, for up to 48 hours. Facilities include toilets, showers, rubbish bins, water, covered seating and barbecues. Pets are allowed on leads.

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